Friday, February 26, 2010

Gotta Be Finally Friday

And it is! A week of change, especially today. See, today was my last day in my current position at the company I toll for. A month ago, two hundred of us found out we were losing our jobs, due to them being moved to Tennessee. In the the next breath, our management announced we still had jobs, just in a different area. Only we didn't have a say on which one of the two job openings, we were gonna get. Kinda like a box of chocolates, except the piece was already decided for us.

In my case, I got the job I wanted. In fact, I'd applied at another company, for the same position. Unfortunately, I had one piece of the puzzle, but not all of it. Now, I'll get trained in all pieces. Might be a slight raise involved--MIGHT--since they are was on different pay scale than us. So this new adventure starts Monday and I am excited! It's a good change--a very, GOOD change.

Which couples with my first week as being a student at University of Phoenix. I'll be in debt until I'm 175. S'ok. My area of study is all online. My advisors mean well, yet they call all the time--to make sure everything is OK. I'm in the midst of to get my routine down. Not as bad as I thought--so far. And I've already asked how long do I have to be there to be one one of those "I Am A Phoenix" commercials. Stay tuned.

And then my junior high art teacher found me on Facebook. Art Teacher remembered how uncomfortable I was, in class, and apologized. I liked her, I said, but it was the class I dreaded. I couldn't draw, paint or do a straight line with a ruler-plus I got a C for the class. I fretted for the longest to show my parents my report card because of it. The "C" didn't look that good among the all "A"s and one "Be" least I thought. Nobody would EVER confuse me with Picasso! Art Teacher got a kick out of it.

In all that, change has happened. All good I feel. So because it's Friday, I gotta cue up a song by Change, from the early 80's: Lover's Holiday, with back up singer the late great Luther Vandross! Good stuff never does die...Happy Friday!


Old Kitty said...

Hi Thomasina!

Good to meet you! I'm getting down n dirty to Lover's Holiday as I type this. Oh the late great and utterly fab Luther Vandross. You know my first cat was named after him? My little Luther, now gone over the bridge, bless...

I love you blog!!!!! Especially reading this piece. What a WEEK for you!!! Good grief.

But you know, your Phoenix Moment is so here! What are you studying? I love my online courses - I don't think I can ever do the sitting down in classes ever again! Isn't technology fab from as your Noir puts it "when the dinosours roamed" the earth? And let's not talk about the debt side! LOL! I'm tarting all my short stories left right and centre in the hope of boosting my meagre income! :-) The good side being I've never been more creative. It's like "needs must" and all that but at least it's doing something I love. Now I'll just sit back and wait for my prize monies to roll in..! I live in perpetual hope.


Anyway, I am now rambling. I have a ROTTEN cold and need to buy a whole lorra tissue boxes..

Take care!!!!!


The New Me said...

well congratulations on both fronts. The school thing can be a pain, but in the end having the degree is invaluable.

And as far as the new job, well, mo' money is always a good thing.

Don's Girl said...

Thanks for your comments! Old Kitty, if I were in England--I'd bring you some tissues and then we'd girl gab over some yummy pastries!

And New Me---well....I'd bring you a pie! :)

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