Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Relationships III

Things come in 3's, the word is. So it's 3 posts on relationships--for now.
I've slept on and thought of my emotions from yesterday. Pretty dag gum deep for me. I didn't share with anyone, even my BFF, what I felt yesterday--until today. Then I didn't go into a lot of detail, just more the hi-lights of it.

Why? Because she's lady, we'll call her Dunne, who has uplifted me about my small business ideas, from selling' pies to cat lovers things. We hadn't chatted lately until now. I told about the 'Dream Big" my pastor Rickie Rush preached and how I thought of her of her Big Dream. You see, Dunne has a picture of her dream house (more like a mansion)on her cubical wall. She told me God has it all worked out and coulda been waiting for her to take a step. We both said you have to speak what you want to will it. If you just have a thought--it's just that--a thought. Words make it so.

I told Dunne how you never know where angels are going to be. Dunne said how MLG was an angel to show me anything is possible--it's not too late to do your passions. OK, I'm giving you just hi-lights, however the chat with Dunne was free and easy, even tho we met in April, and hadn't spoken since June. We laughed like we would over coffee at Starbucks, except we stood by the sinks in the women's restroom, at our jobs.

I remember when my My Sweet Big Daddy Don passed away in 2001, I felt so lonely. Both of my parents were now gone and I was an adult orphan. Loneliness consumed. Sure, I knew people, but the weekends were the darkest days of my week even the sun's beams blinded. I'd sit on my couch and realize the 'friends' I had were no even close to being there for me as I was for them. I cried alot.

I wasn't much into in my Spiritual Walk in 2001 (the beginning was still two years away) yet I asked God would there ever be a day I'd have good friends. Friends that I could count on. Friends who "get me" and we would laugh at the same thing with just once glance at each other.

The chat with Dunne showed me relationships are not 'one size fits' all. .

The day I cried for is here.
Thank God.
I am blessed.


Old Kitty said...

Yay for Dunne! It's so weird because for a while I longed for friends who "got me". I've been lucky in that I have seriously got two I know who get me.

All we have to do is look at each other and we are laughing - that kind of friendship. But it never seems enough for me - they have lives and their own stuff to sort out so they're not always there. But I know I can count on them when I really really need to.

I say good luck to those with a million friends! Personally I think nurturing a few friends over a lifetime is more rewarding.

Take care

Don's Girl said...

Kitty, I agree with you about the nuturing over a lifetime. However, for me, some of those over a lifetime, are still stuck back in that life time. For whatever reason it's easier to 'just stay there'--plus they see you how you once were and not now. Nuturing ain't part of the vocabulary. The folks I can count on now have their own livesm and I respect that--yet I do know they are there--and that handful of true friends is really enough.

Thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your posts about relationships. I can relate to most all you've said. Keep up the good work.

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