Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Miffed

Yes, I still heart me some Dallas Cowboys-
However I still can't get over how and why they LOST!
Sure the game was a mess, yet they had WON the game until....
WOW. I still can't stand handle it. The had the game WON.
OK. It's Monday. I'm tired. I couldn't fall right asleep after the game was over
I tried to think of somebody to call. at almost 11pm at night. Those kinda calls are
Out of my repertoire.
So sometime after midnight, I fell asleep, which made me tired thru today.
I'm so beat now.
Did some school work and thought of the 2100 word paper on my personal model of helping due next Monday. Heck, that will wait until tomorrow. Then had a thought on a couple menfolk I know. Now, that makes me smile. And the wedding (not mine) I'm going to on Saturday and the bride just beamed today at work. Then I spoke of my novella to a couple folks...always good. Then....
I thought of the Dallas Cowboys and got miffed again. Only this time, I will not have a problem going to sleep. I'm taking lessons from this kitty:

I see an "A+" in my future....

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