Tuesday, May 4, 2010


First, about the college exam I discussed last night--well, I never heard back from the teacher. And today I started a brand new class--so whatever happens is gonna happen. If I had read ALL the material, as I should have, there wouldn't have such a great need for me to do 'open book' then I wouldn't have opened another browser and accidently logged out the browser where I took the test. One chance for the test--that was it. .

Oh well.

In this new class, I have a 1000 word paper due by Sunday. We must attach the article we used to gain most of our info, plus run the paper thru the plagiarism checker and paint the sky blue by daybreak. Well, not the last part--but still. 1000 words by Sunday over--let's see--exploring the purpose of human services and include how Ginger on Gilligan's Islands only seemed to have evening gowns--well, maybe not that last part but still--doing this non-fiction writing has made more determined to write FUN fiction writing, because--well, because I CAN!

I am beat. Reading the new class' syllabus overwhelmed me. Yet, I will succeed. In the meantime, I'm gonna plop on the couch, take the remote away from this cat, and savor the night which a bowl of Blue Bell Rocky Road Ice Cream...


Old Kitty said...

Is that Uncle MaxMaxx with the remote??

Awwwww he loves that remote! LOL!

Well good for you for putting all this behind you and moving on. I always say things happen for a reason! and so glad this whole experience is making you more determined to write fiction - helluva lot more fun! I thoroughly agree!

I hope you have a restful evening - well it's morning here now and it maybe cold but the birds are chirping - which is nice!

Good luck with your 1000 words! I painting the sky blue is probably less stressful than this writing malarky!


Take care

Don's Girl said...

Yea, me and non-fiction don't get along. I plan to do the reading tonight and at least try to get a rough draft down before Saturday...that's going to help me...I hope. :)

Thanks for the post!

Don's Girl said...

And yes, that's Uncle MaxMaxx with the remote!

The New Me said...

I'd rather do the last part of both.

Don's Girl said...

I'm with you...the last parts do seem better. I gotta have some coffee....UGH

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