Monday, November 24, 2008

Dancing--Just Be Feelin' Like It

Looked in one of my diaries tonight. Just to see what I was doing on this day back in the Triassic Period, more specifically when I was 16. Turns out, I received my bowling bowl today. Yep, my shiny, all brand new bowling bowl. My best friend, bosom buddy and life long pal had gotten one (a purple one) so I, of course, couldn't be out done. Oh the best friend, etc deal--that's what Fred Flinstone and Barney Rubble said about their friendship. So we decided that's what ours was too. During the Triassic Period, we were inseparable--now? Not chatted in at least 10 years--possibly longer. Hmm. That's another entry for another day, however back on that day-we were both so thrilled about our spankin new bowling bowls. Our names were even engraved! We bowled 7 games. Yep. Seven. With me at the high of 187. Through the years, my highest game was a 268 and still holding.

Now in 2008, I just finished watching Dancing With the Stars finals. I called in all my votes, plus voted online for Warren Sapp. Granted, Brooke Burke is the best dancer and Lance has come on at the end--but Warren. Big Man busts the move. You just gotta love it. Why can't I date a guy who likes to dance? I mean, REALLY dance? One who will take swing and/or ballroom lessons with me? For that, I'd make him his favorite omelet any time, day or night, suffer through the Three Stooges and not wear my most favorite raggedy t-shirt around him. The cats? Well--I draw the line there. They stay.

Gotta go pop some corn and watch today's Young and the Restless episode. Don't you just want Victor to hurry and crush Adam like the cockroach? And then go over and slap Jill for being a nut then slap Katherine so we don't have to see her go thru amnesia for TOO long? Yep. Me too. Then there's this other trip to take to back in the day. From the 70's original Donny and Marie variety show. Donny introduces his brother Jay who shows us how much he feels like dancin. He ain't Warren Sapp, yet it puts a smile on face. To remember a time when....well, just to remember when!

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