Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Slow Down

Did a walk tonight in my new tennyshoes. Did OK in em as I walked the neighborhood. My route is up to these benches, where I sit and watch cars zoom by and then trek back home again. I sat and stared at the Church's Chicken across the street. Debated to bring $2.81 for their 3 piece and a biscuit special. Don't worry, I left my money home.

Months ago, I post how I needed to lose 41 pounds. I'd gained most of the 70 lbs I'd lost when I'd been sick, and kept it off until emotions from my job and this house got to me and I chose M&M's over a salad. I've kept up with my drinking 74 ounces of water daily (OK, maybe not so much on the weekends), but as for the loss of 41 pounds...

Let's just say, my bathroom scale is the only one in this universe that gets up and runs when it sees me coming!

Anyway, I've gotten back into my daily walks. I still would like a treadmill in my other bedroom for those days when it will soon be too hot to walk. I've cut down on my Blue Bell Ice Cream. Oh no, it's not disappeared actually, I just take slower to eat it--I savor it more--in fact Blue Bell's Tin Roof is in my freezer--and I hear it beggin' me to take a couple spoonfuls. Ya know how, ice cream can be SO pushy.

And one last thing--two guys, in my new job training class, flirted with me today, at two separate instances. Kinda caught me off guard. Been so wrapped up in learning the job, school, and the fact this is the most single I've been in a while--yea, they caught me off guard. Yet all very sweet and made me smile. Nice.

Shhh...do you hear? Oh wow...that darn Blue Bell!!

Tuesday goes OUT with a little '70's song by the Osmond Brothers: "Flirtin" .....enjoy!


Old Kitty said...

Awwww Thomasina you sex kitty! Ignore your silly bathroom scales!


You are a gorgeous beautiful and strong woman - perfect catnip to dudes!

That ice cream really does sound good but I agree that it really is best savoured nice and sloooow-ly! And well done you with the walking - good for you.

Have a great day!!!

Take care

Don's Girl said...

I love that: Cat nip for dudes! Thanks for your support!

Best in Show---ME!

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