Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 14, 2006 was Tuesday

And the day of my open heart surgery to replace my mitral valve.

On March 2006, morning the paramedics were late, at 7 AM, to transport me to the hospital where I would have the surgery. All of about a 10 minute drive if that. However it was the first time, in about two weeks, I inhaled the outside air. I did not care if it was laced with exhaust. I was outside. And free--if just for a few moments. I remember being prepped for my surgery. The preppers were all younger than me, yet I had to trust them. All nice tho. Then when whatever they completed what they completed a young man said, "Put her out."
***The next thing I knew, I woke up, with my arms tied down and a tube down my throat. Yea. I remember that REAL well. I wanted to yank that sucker out of my throat ASAP. I woke up sooner than they expected. Caught em off guard.
Good. It was almost 4 pm.

Anyway, I was taken to ICU. I dozed in an out. My feet felt containers between my legs. Of course, I tried to pull them out by my feet. Catheters. For my bladder and one for the incisions in my tummy for the fluid.

During one of my 'in' moments, I whispered to a nurse and asked what time it was. Twas a little after 7 pm. I asked her to turn the TV to "American Idol." Yep. You read right. "American Idol." I don't remember much of that episode. Yet I still was able to have some of my routine and watch one of my favorite TV shows--as I dozed in and out. My life changed six years ago that day -yet some stayed the same.

Just like tonight. Time for some "American Idol".

And I am blessed.


Old Kitty said...

This is the only time I'll say "Hoorah for American Idol"! :-)

Take care

Thomasina said...

Yep--I kinda happy about American Idol too! :)

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