Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Show Down

The beauty of a cat's love is it is pretty unconditional. Yea, I know the cat nay-sayers would so say "NAY". However us cat lovers know different.***Too bad our human relationships aren't so. They should be. Even as a Woman of Faith it can be hard. What am I getting at? Well, today Pastor Rickie Rush of Inspiring Body of Christ Church, here in Dallas, spoke how people in our lives act when WE go thru a crisis. Not them. US. What a crisis means to them and to us. How a crisis actually strenghtens the one going thru it. A crisis also reveals what was already there. Good and bad.****The good is knowing you have friends that will see you thru. The bad is they hi-tail the minute it's more than a cold you have. Oh, sure they may hand you a tissue . Then they say they're going to the drug store to pick more up....and you never see them again. Friends cannot carry your burden/cross, yet the true friends will wait at the tomb until you come out.*****Pastor we can worry so much about a good person leaving our lives, we don't concentrate on the not so good ones, that we care for, yet they don't do anything for us. Been there. Even got the t-shirt. ******This happened when I had my little open heart surgery a few years ago. The man I loved enough to marry (I thought) his name is Bear--I've blogged about him-wound up asking me twice (or was it three times?) to forgive him for not being there for me. He wasn't either. He thought I was being untrue about my prognosis. He said he 'knew me'....he didn't. He said I lived too far away to bring me some strawberries, when he knew I couldn't drive and couldn't walk more than 10 mins before I had to sit down. Yet, he would take someone else he knew cross town in an ice storm, with plastic over one car window. I lived closer. And it was a clear day.*******Then I think of Movie Man--I've blogged about us too. He was THERE every step of the way. He was the last person I saw, the night before surgery. He brought me home from the hospital. My birthday was a couple weeks after I got to go home. I still couldn't drive and barely could last past 7 pm. He made sure I had a birthday. He came to get me. Helped me walk thru the places we went. And when I had to give myself my daily I-V, which looked like a lemon. We sat in a parking lot of a grocery store. Movie Man drank his Mountain Dew, I gave myself my I-V and wondered would my life go toward the better. He made sure I didn't over do it. I know it was a scarey time for him, yet Movie Man was there. Bear, I wanted to be there--he chose not to.********Fast forward to today. Neither man is in my life. As Pastor Rush preached today, I thought so much about both Bear and Movie Man. So different they are of each other. Age. Skin color. Yet they both did care for me--in their own way. It just didn't seem to be what I absolutely needed. ***The theme Pastor Rush preaches is "At This Level"--how some folks may not 'get you' and they may not want you to change. Why? Because they can't handle it. People that are called to you never leave. The folks that aren't-- never stay. The thing is, how to know the difference?

That's a God thing***After I pray, I'm gonna pet a cat.

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Old Kitty said...

For me, I have to live with the experience to know what's in my heart. Like when I thought I knew what I wanted but when I got it, I realised deep down that to be true to myself I had to let it go, but I had to try the first time round to realise this! I guess you alone know what is right for you. I'm a great believer in thinking that if it hadn't happened then it wasn't meant to be. :-) Take care

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