Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 17, 1924 was Saturday

My Big Daddy Don was born on this day.
Intimidated some, yet gentle as a teddy bear.
Oh, my Daddy loved his King Edward cigars and
Johnny Walker Red or Black (he wasn't prejudiced!) scotch and
Chit'lins and liver and onions and
Pineapple Malts from our local ice cream shoppe...

He loved his Iowa Hawkeyes, wore his Hawkeye jacket proud
(it hangs in my closet)
And loved The Andy Griffith Show and his Western Channel
Oh, Daddy loved to fish night or day or both-
He loved to send me at least a dozen birthday cards
And could iron and fold clothes better than anybody
Daddy loved to fry up some good ol Iowa pork chops
Or flip pancakes on a Sunday morning-
My Daddy loved to call me on Saturdays by 10 AM
Just to "see what I was doin'
He even loved to tell people about me and those OSMONDS
And he loved my cats, even when they ate step mother's birds...
Ahh, Dad loved when I said I was 'on my way' as I drove from
Dallas to home. Usually 750 miles with only cats for company
He sat in his chair, in the front room-to wait and worry
Until I pulled up in the drive way
He always breathed a sigh of relief
And then he'd laugh as cats scattered about-
I love to remember his hugs
Especially on this day, because
I know how much my Daddy loved me...

..and I loved him..
Happy Birthday, Daddy--
It's been 10 years since you've been gone--
At time it seems like a blink of an eye...


Old Kitty said...

Your dad sounds just lovely. Happy Birthday to your beautiful father! These are beautiful pics, thanks for sharing! Take care

The New Me said...
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The New Me said...

he was pretty cool. happy birthday big daddy don.

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