Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday Stuff

Feel good 'bout the postcards I sent out. They are arriving to their destinations, including England--at least one of them did. The comments have been positive. I like that a whole lot! Also plan to send postcards to friends across the country. Am I rid of all of them? Not quite--yet almost. I told you, I printed a ton of these suckers. :)

Met up with a chum today and chatted over coffee. I told of her my idea to make one cat sweatshirt/t-shirt well. Not a bunch just average. We brainstormed. Which proves once again I'm not as crafty as I think I am. The picture I see in my head changes about every minute. Sorta kinda know what I want to look like--not sure how I'll get it there. Pretty cool to think of it tho. Stay tuned.

Was a gorgeous day in Dallas. I even washed my car. What a difference a clean car makes...Rain was suppose to fall this afternoon. It didn't. After midnite now said. Perhaps some snow tomorrow in the afternoon. Uh-huh. That may mean none or a foot. Like this picture from February 2010:
..when we did get a foot of snow and the weather folks said we wouldn't....


Raymond and Busby said...

It's going to definitely rain there because you washed your car! oxox

Old Kitty said...

I can't wait for my postcards!!!! How exciting!!!!

Awww GOOD LUCK brainstorming with your friend!! I think you are onto something with the bespoke clothing designed by you!!!

I hope the weather won't be as bad!! Stay safe and keep warm!! That snow from last year is amazing!! Take care

Thomasina said...

It's Sunday Morning now--and it's raining...My car is covered tho. All is good.

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