Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tis the Season...FINALLY!

I heart me some Dallas Cowboys.

Yep. Ever since the 1989 when they went 1-15.
The only victory was against --yes--the Washington Redskins-
The same foe for this, their first game of the NFL 2010:.TONIGHT!
So, yes I got my PRAISE one today at my church, Inspiring Body of Christ Church,
Where some of the flock donned a Dallas Cowboy jersey--
Hey, we heart our Cowboys anywhere!
So as I write this, still some hours to go before kick off.
Clean some house and just be ready-
First down and a million zillion yards to go-
Been waiting all day for tonight...
Tis the season...FINALLY!
UGH. the Cowboys LOST in the last seconds of the game
Because of a penalty by #71!
He wraps his arm around the Redskin guy's neck--
Heck, I even know you can't do THAT!
The Cowboys had WON the game--until
we say the flag.
In the last 3 seconds...I am LIVID.

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