Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Bit

Of time is all I'll spend here tonight....
It seems like alot has happened since we last met up and first I've started my newest college class--this one is about a human's life span. Might kinda cool and creepy, because we're pretty much talking about ourselves. One of my assignments will be to observe people in different points of their lives--like my first one is for babies--yea, this is going to be interesting.

Saturday is going to be an interesting day by far, and it's all pretty local, unlike going to Oklahoma City last week! I'm going to a bible study that morning. What's a kicker about that, well--it's on Saturday, and I'll be meeting with girls I haven't worked with 2003. We've kept in touch, yet I never once thought we'd hang out talk about the bible. Glad we are tho.

Then once that's done, I head to my writers' group. I've written nothing fiction in I don't how long. The college papers have wasted me. I need to find time to really put pen to paper, and not just for moment or two. That will be another nice time of fellowship along with some writing stuff...

Then--I don't know if this is still on tap--another chum is to have a CD signing party later on that night. I've not heard anymore plans about it. He's got a nice voice, so I hope it happens. If not--well, I'll be home curled up with a cat...or

Get another chum to go see "Wall Street" with me.

Yep. Saturday. Looking forward to you. Gotta enjoy Thursday and Friday tho before, even tho professionally--things do stink, however I won't let the stench steal my joy...

Not even for a bit.

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Old Kitty said...

No you mustn't let the professional stink steal your joy especially with sweet Daddy Peyton looking at you like so! Awwwww!!

Gosh looks like you're going to have a busy but fun Saturday!! I hope your friend's CD signing goes through - there are so many artists out there just struggling to have that big break so I'm cheering on stuff like this - cos it's such a hard thing to do!

Oh good luck with your writing about life class - that's so amazing. I remember one of my classes as "memoir/autobiography" (not quite the same as your human life span but still pretty cathartic!) writing and me being a very private person found it so hard to reveal much, you know?! I much preferred writing about someone else.

Oh I do hope you find time to put pen to paper!! That's the hardest of all - so I hope your writing group will inspire you!!

Enjoy the countdown to the weekend!! Take care

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