Friday, August 27, 2010

You and Friday

Now come on. Admit it. This is a relationship you really, really like.
You and Friday. I know I do.
Gotta admit tho, it went in spurts. Friday and me. Mainly because there was a time
I worked Friday Nights, while chums ran the streets, being wild and free-
As I toiled in a nursing home's kitchen fillin' jelly jars, peelin' carrots and washin' dishes.
From 10 PM to 6 AM. On a Friday. After about 8 months,
The nursing home and I 'mutually agreed' I need not come back---ever.
What did I care? I was 19. Lived at home. Sweet Big Daddy Don slid me $ when
The step-mother wasn't looking. Grand life to be had.
Plus I re-launched a great relationship with Friday--
And I liked it like that--Baby, I thought I was a star!

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