Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Almost Been

....a week since I've stopped by. My, oh my..it's not you, it's ME. Stuff just seemed to be on the docket and not time enough time for everything. I think my problem would be solved with a lap top, then I could tippy tap anywhere....hmm.

OK. Today is the 18th straight day of 100F heat here in Dallas. OK, talked enough about that

Last week, I'd mentioned about going to a play in Ft Worth by hitchin' a ride with the male lead guy in the show. Well, I did and had a GREAT time! Here's what the play's flyer looks like. This weekend is closing weekend and would like to try to go again. The male lead guy was fun and made me laugh during the ride and even in the show. I really couldn't believe it was the same person. On the way to Ft Worth, he's got on glasses and short, then on stage he's all dapper in his vest and slacks, singin' and hoofin'...Oh, and get this, a lady saw us as we got food before the show. The the male lead guy left for the theater to get ready, and I stayed behind because I had time to kill---and she asked where do you go to find the good men like him? She thought we were married or at least GF and BF. I laughed and told her this was first time we'd ever spent time together and just friends we are. Oh, and the lady and I chatted until I went to the theatre--about an hour later!

Oh, this past Saturday night, I ventured to a book launch for a chum of mine. Mingled as they say. Ran into old co-workers and loved that. Worked with them both years ago, and now the two are married. He's a video guy, plus quite the cutie, and has an episode on DIY Network in October, he shot. Anyway, we talked writing, movies etc--and the wife, who is one of the sweetest folks you'd want to met-told me when I have screenplay to show, show them because you just may never who they know and what could happen

Right now, I know what IS gonna happen. Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream and TV. I've been so wrapped in doing more than I even mentioned--so tonight is a break--until tomorrow.



Old Kitty said...

Brilliant!!!!! What an evening at the theatre and what a great book launch event!!!

I'm guessing that dapper guy in the poster - the cutie with the hat and his arms outstretched is your guy?!?!! Awwwwww!!

So what book was this then??? I'm curious!!

Enjoy your yummy ice cream!! Take care

Don's Girl said...

My guy? Too funny! I like the photo of him up top. He's a nice guy, and I hope we do become chums.

As for my other chum's book, I'll have to post about it here. It has a long and very cool set you goal kinda title--and I don't want to mess it up!

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