Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Short and Hot

Just jump right up on it: got my Praise ON today at MY church: Inspiring Body of Christ Church, with Pastor Rickie Rush. Even saw Bear for moment and received a belated hug before service-a surprised indeed. IBOC is a church I just knew I was never, ever gonna be a member of! Pastor Rush of blessings, being anointed, people drawn to you and how we must live by faith. There was so, SO much today. To realize God's Grace took care of me, when I couldn't even really take care of myself...and trust me, this so does explain alot!

All ready treated myself to a Cafe Vanilla Frappucino. Watermelon chills in the fridge. Cats snooze now 'cause bellies are full.

Just the right time to get a bit of house stuff done, plus with all the questions of "Are you still writing?" which happened again about an hour ago, I may just need to do some.

Stay tuned.


Old Kitty said...

So are you still writing? :-)

Have a lovely Sunday!! Sounds like it was a good one today!

take care

Don's Girl said...

right now--I'm writing this comment to you. I'm looking at my floor and know I must mop fun... :)

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