Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another Day

That's what today is. However it's a Tuesday and I'm taking a one night breather from school. I am gonna jump on next week's assignments tomorrow--the writing part, mainly. I plan to read some stuff tonight. I printed it off so not to be glued to the PC. I am just too old school to read more than a few paragraphs on the PC. Give me a handful of book or papers and I am set.

I'm in a TV and movie kinda mode. Does anybody watch "True Blood" on HBO? Am I missing something? I don't have HBO, for one--however I know the DVD's are available. Then "Toy Story" comes out this week. At first, I wasn't gonna both--then I heard the voice of Tom Hanks just one too many times---so...could be my treat for the weekend.

And gave a thought to past relationships. How in a way I miss the relationship and not quite the person. Is that wrong? I ponder about a man who still lives in Chicago--the only man I was ever with and looked at a "BRIDES" magazine. I just knew! He adored me. I wish that could have been enough. Was I too much for him? Probably. I realize as I've aged, I was pretty much too much for most men. They said I expected too much from them.


At the time, I didn't realize they didn't expect much of themselves.

Blue Bell Vanilla Cookies n Cream Ice Cream awaits.

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