Thursday, May 13, 2010


Do you Twitter? I tried. I don't care for it much. Granted, by the time I signed for the first time, I had two blogs and realized I had a strong pulse on Facebook. A chum of mine is addicted to Twitter, as I am to Facebook and my blogs. If you're familiar with Twitter, folks follow you and you follows folks. My chum has over 800 worldwide folks following her.

Me? 38.

My chum loves to read Tweets and respond in kind. Me? I got bored. I didn't want to read everybody's Tweets in 140 characters or less, when meant I maybe read lots to get the point. Yea, it's fun to try to edit t0 140 characters, yet I grew weary. Then I started school--something had to give.

So Twitter Twunked out. I go there ever know and then-like every couple weeks or so. I follow William Shatner, Donny Osmond, Aaron McCargo and even Dame Elizabeth Taylor and Terrell Owens. I rarly read past the first page of Tweets. My chums knows all bout Twitter, I don't.

And I'm OK with that. She suggests I follow the Tweets of authors I like, well I do that on Facebook--even intermingle with some. I could read tweets about writing hints---well, why would I do that if I just read stuff about writing and NOT write?

Oh well. Maybe one moment I'll get on the Twitter Twagon.

This isn't that moment. Right now, I'm twired and this cat awaits.
Stay tuned.


Old Kitty said...

Oh don't get me started on twitter!!! I tried and then left asap. I can't understand it. I like blogging because you can take your time writing your blog entry. And I love reading the blogs I follow because I'd like to think I get to know the bloggers a bit more as people!

I got very bored with facebook - my friend like yours has now over 2000 "facebook friends". No-one in real life has that many friends!!! LOL!

Anyway, I sound like an old fuddy duddy!!!

Besides who needs twitter when there are kitties around??


Take care

Don's Girl said...

2000 "Friends"? WOW! I have about 220 Facebook chums, and with the exception of about 10, I do know them all. They've come in my life at every phase of my life--from kindergarten to folks I work with now. I like Facebook. I don't do the games or anything of that--I comment and e-mail there. My cat is trying to let him do Facebook. He actually did Twitter, and was more popular than ME--but alas, he tired of all the tweets because there's weren't treats he could eat! :)

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