Saturday, March 13, 2010

March 13, 2006 was Monday

And on this day in 2006, it was Open Heart Surgery for Mitral Valve Repair/Replacement Eve. Yes, the last night I would ever NOT have a scar on my chest, a keloid one at that. or pop six pills a day or realize some of my hair fell out or hear my own self tick when all is quiet or have EKG and PT/INR mean more to me than just letters for Scrabble.

That Monday night I walked my last visitor, of the day, Movie Man to the hospital elevator. He had stayed past visiting hours, which was common. Tears were in his eyes. I tried to smile and told Movie Man everything would be alright. As I watched the elevator doors close on Movie Man's wet eyes it signaled it was almost here. I turned and walked alone back to my room. Even with my trust in God, I wondered if He would just let sleep tomorrow and call me Home.

Fast forward to this day in 2010. WEDDING! Not mine. Heck, I'll be 100 before THAT happens. Nope, my chum who I baked the peach pie for her bridal shower, a couple Saturdays ago, got married. It's a bet overwhelming. I've had other friends marry, yet this one...hit me hard. I'm not old enough to be her mother, will--I coulda been, if I'd been active at a real younger age. There's a 14 year age difference between us. I've told her, when she was born, her family celebrated in her birth, while my family, just a 6 days later cried at the death of my mom. So maybe one is to live while another dies. I've seen my chum grow up, from a brat, when we could not stand each other, to this intelligent, business and independent woman. She really is like my baby sister, and we started our spiritual journey about the same time, so we grew in Christ. That was good.

When I arrived at the church, after overshooting the parking garage, the groom's mom (we bonded at the bridal shower) took me up to see the bride. My chum and both started to tear up as I told her how proud and beautiful she was and then she blubbers, "You're crying, I've never seen you cry!" We both laughed. It was a nice moment, and later at the reception one of her sister's showed me the picture she took of the two of us at that moment. Nice day, nice day indeed.

Now, if you will excuse I got me some left over wedding cake to snarf down and a Lifetime movie to watch.

I am blessed.


Old Kitty said...

This is so lovely - so life affirming.

It's 7.19 am here. I'm reading your blog for some company and I'm glad I have! What a lovely joyous happy wedding day!

I hope you enjoyed the cake and the movie - the perfect way to round off a perfect day.

And is that Brother MaxMaxx when he was itty bitty? Another purrfect reason for getting up!

Take care

Don's Girl said...

I'm glad my blog kept you company, that makes me feel good. Technology is just so something, because you're in England, yet it feel you're just down the street!

As for the picture, that's Brother Earl Gray--it's one of my favorite pictures of him. He was about 8 o 10 weeks old. I wanted to put this on my own line of cat cards, but the pixel thingys aren't high enough... :(

Take care!

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