Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Birthday

...and it's NOT mine...at least not yet! Nope. It's Bear's birthday. I won't say the number, except he's four years younger than yours truly. My reason for this post: I thought of Bear today. Wondered if he had a grand day (as birthdays should be) and if he ate some good cake.

I didn't call Bear to wish him happy tidings. Naw, I did the 21st Century way of doing things: I Facebook'd Bear and then text'd him. Use to be a day, I'd call Bear to wish him a good day, plus I'd take him out to eat.

Honestly, I considered to invited Bear out to dinner. Only had about enough money for one burger on Wendy's Value Menu. We could split it. :) But I wound up not doing it. Thought about it too much, I guess, hence I thought myself right out of it. Even tho I believe it woulda been fun over laughs and fight over the last french fry.

Maybe I'll have another chance to not think myself right out of it.

1 comment:

Old Kitty said...


Well at leat you did the 21st Century thing! Which is better than complete silence!

See where the day takes you - you never know!

Oh and that gorgeous cat with the cake made me smile, so thank you!

take care and big hugs!


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