Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Marvel

Rain here in Dallas. A tornado watch too....yep, in November.

Nonetheless, I smile because a distant cousin I found in Ohio, e-mailed today. He and his wife traveled to Loudon County, Virginia where our ancestors had been slaves. Turns out he located our ancesteral cemetary. How cool is that? Our family settled in Ohio, I think after the Civil War or during. Just try to piece that all together. I usually don't like puzzles, yet this one I enjoy putting together.

Warren dazzled me tonight, on Dancing With the Stars. He trips that light fantastic pretty well! Loved it!

Ate cucumber sandwiches yesterday at a baby shower. I'm not much on cucumber, however the event was a delightful time had by all. One of my co-workers mentioned to me today, she loves cucumber, but would need 42 of the sandwiches to get full. What was cool about yesterday is the age range. Ladies aged around 75 years young down to the mommy to be who was early 20's. Lively chat, which included talking about favorite I Love Lucy and Andy Griffith shows! Talk about something that keeps during the test of time!

Just happy one work day is done. Just happy period. Just need to get real happy to steam clean my carpet. Hmm. That can wait. Gotta curl in bed an rejoice to the rhythm of the falling rain and think of my family I never knew and realize they've been with me all the time.

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