Friday, October 10, 2008

Finally Friday--It Better Be Good

Oh wow! What a week that has been had. We have the Dull Presidential Debate to Mrs. John McCain's announcement Barack Obama has slung the smear fest of all presidential campaigns. Hmm. Me thinks she and husband John McCain need to look in the mirror--then to the non-hallelujahs days at work-then to stepping on the doctor's scale and nearly have a stroke because their scale has SO more of my pounds than my bathroom scale--to being broke-to the wish I had a steady man to take out the trash-to the desire of my written words published-to relish in the purr of a cat-to the realization I have my own home, my health, great friends and that this history making presidential election will finally be over in three weeks--and above all that God watches me and He's made sure it's all ready done.

So on this Friday with the weekend at our fingertips, cue Ms. Tina Turner tellin' us all We Better Be Good...

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