Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Settle Down

Visited Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church today-with Pastor Dr. Tony Evans. The folks were nice. The message was on Dry Bones from Ezekiel. Hit a few places. The little girl beside me hit a few places in her diaper too. :) I think I'll go back for another visit. Since church wasn't part of my growing up, I enjoy visiting other churches now that it is.

Gorgeous late afternoon. Actually tried to de-clutter some of the house. A cat loves to scratch the carpet--which gives more determined reason to change the flooring.

Need to work on my newest short story. I could see this as a play. I just pray about this--there are times I wonder if I pray 'big' enough? Hmm.

Outside of all that--I need to get what little I planned to do done--because the Cowboys play in a little over an hour. The Emmys are on too. Sure, I can catch the hi-lights--but that's what DVR is for. Then tomorrow---oh, wow--I'll turn into a TV Tart. The Young and the Restless is finally getting good after a dry spell--the new Billy Abbott has too many teeth. However, tomorrow night....double dose...Dancing With the Stars, where I hope Warren Sapp can glide the light fantastic--then after that: Denny Crane aka Captain Kirk aka 'Boston Legal.'

TV Tart indeed. First up, The Dallas Cowboys and the Pack from Green Bay. Kinda lost some of the mystic since Bret Favre is no longer Green Bay QB. Nonetheless, when all said and done, better be 3-0 for Tony, Terrell, Marion, Felix 'the Cat' and all the rest!

I got the corn ready for poppin'

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