Monday, September 22, 2008

Dancing With The Stars Toni Braxton

OK--the show is still on while I write this. Just wanted to say a bit about Toni Braxton. Admired her vocal talent yet was never really a big fan. When I heard Toni would do the show, I also knew about her pericarditis, which is an inflammation of the lining of the heart. I read about her illness a couple years ago and floored because of Toni's younger than me age. Tonight Toni said how doing this show was personal for her, how she wanted to work on her fears.

Hey, this songbird and I have something in common. With my own mitral valve replacement surgery, I wondered so many things. Like my first full shower after surgery. It exhausted me--what could I ever be able to do? I sat in a chair, draped with my gown over me because I was too tired to put it on. Had to catch my breath. Was this the best it would ever be?

So Toni, I understand your fear. Eventho I knew God was with me, still had 'to do' to prove to myself I could. For me, it was racquetball. Petrified that first time. Not sure what would happen. Sometimes I still don't. Yet, I played. And still do. Like you and Dancing With The Stars. And you got my vote!

Hmm. Think I need to buy out a Toni Braxton cd tomorrow.

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