Saturday, March 17, 2018

1042 Days

Yes, 1042 is the number of days since my last post.
I never intended fore such an hiatus from something I did enjoy quite a bit.
I do remember my daily blogs eased even  prior to that day in 2015.
I blame being back in school and having to make a choice. I spent so much time on a computer. I worked full time, and then being a non traditional student with homework at THIS age!  :)   Finding the time AWAY from a computer became a goal.  I needed a break---so the blog was cut.

Yep. This is how the cat looked and how I felt. 
Anyway, I decided I wanted to blog again. So much has happened since we last met. I did graduate university with a Bachelor Science in Sociology. I discovered art. I enjoy creation of the unknown with color on canvas.  

This is pretty bizarre coming from a woman that, as her Junior High self, asked Mom and Dad if they would still love her.  You see, she got a "C" on her report card--in art. The "C" was the lowest grade my Junior High self had ever received. Mom and Dad assured her they would still love her, and to do the best she could.  Art class, was twelve root canals at one time to me. I never took any art after Junior High...none, nada. Then 2013 came 'round, and more specifically 2015, which brings us up to 2018. I will tell you those moments as time goes on.

In the meantime, it feel good to be back.  I plan to post as often as I can and look forward to chatting with you!  I just had wanted to get this first post on the books! ....and as I close, here here is a sampling of some of my art work--I LOVE abstracts--there is no right nor wrong!
Until next time....make sure you say your prayers and get some ice cream!


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