Friday, October 7, 2011

Pretty in Pink II

Terra Cotta Pink Pot Take Two. Sorry-no Molly Ringwald or Ducky. :) Gave another go at pink on the pot last night. I like this one better than Pepto Bismol Terra Cotta pot a couple days back. Still not how I want it to be. Yet closer than before.
Two metallics paints by Anita (which I purchased at Hobby Lobby): White for the base and Rose. The White was foam brushed on, while Rose was natural sea 'wool' sponged on (I feel so artsy!). The Rose was very brash, pretty--yet brash (like I'm told I am at times--that's whole 'nother post. We're talkin' terra cotta right now!) So I got the idea to spong some of the White over the Rose. Voila! Rose was softened. If you saw the pot in person, you would really be able to tell. Also, I dabbed Folk Art Neon Pink Glitter over the pot. Once again, that's an 'in person" you gotta see it kinda thing, yet I should have used a deeper Glitter paint, or put Mod Podge Glitter version over it.
I do like the outcome more on this one. I have another pot to try out for the Pink. Why do I want a really pretty in pink pot? Because it's Breast Cancer Awarness Month. I am blessed to know a 80 years young Stage 4 breast cancer survior. The pot is for her, because she's pretty in pink and every other color to boot.
Stay tuned.

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Old Kitty said...

It's lovely!! And a most unique way to honour Breast Cancer Month!! Yay!! Take care

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