Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Moment Ago

Well, more like six years ago when this pretty boy kitty
....and two of his siblings, were born underneath my bed. After I heard noises that lead me to treasure under said bed, and put a new family in their own maternity ward (aka my bathroom), I woke up the next morn, to this boy kitty's third sibling. We've come along way since that night in 2007.  Two of his siblings have furr-ever homes.  In fact, I tried to talk a co-worker into taking this boy kitty home with her. We sat at a Starbucks for two hours, with a by then 12 week old kitty. The co-worker really wanted a girl kitty, tho. On the way home, after a stop in PetSmart, where I carried the boy kitty in my hand and passersby-oooh and ahhhed--my precious cargo looked at me with these big, ol' saucer sized eyes.  He had me.

And Noir the Texas Tabby, has had me every since.

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