Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Sunday

As the sun sets on this Mother's Day 2012, I smile of the memories I have of my mom. I have mentioned on this blog, Mom passed away when I was 13 and she only a young 43.  I am the woman I am because of her life and also because of her death. No matter how old I get, I wish Mom and I would have had more time on this earth together. I think of the dumb-dumb mistakes I have made on this road called life.  Although, I probably would have made them anyhow, if Mom had lived, I would have her to go back to--for more smoother road for life lessons. 
As a motherless daughter, we still need a strong female influence in our lives. I can be honest to say, I did not have such an influence after Mom's death. Oh sure, family was there, even a step-mother later on, yet it was not the same. My step-mother and I were  complete opposites. Instead of encouragement, she dished up the negative things I did and supposedly was--all not in the ear shot of my dad. Anyway, we all move on. We learn. We grow.We remember. We smile. On this day, as the sun sets, I remember my mom. Which is the way it will always be.  
Here's a link from last year's Mother's Day post. 

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