Friday, November 18, 2011

ECHO Me Life

Today I had my annual ultrasound of my heart, aka ECHO. I'm sure when my cardiologist reads the results, it will show I am not exercising as I once was. My heart doc once told me how the ECHO gives away your not being obedient ways.

I lie there today as a tech, born in 1986, and a male, gel'd me up. He asked me if I was OK with him doing the procedure. Yea. I got over any any pride years ago when I was in the hospital. After surgery, I was so weak. I needed a new bra for support due to my incision. I also wore a heart monitor and I didn't have the strength and know-how to mess with the heart monitor wires. The male nurse said, "I can get a female nurse, if you want." I told him, I needed help and I was no longer proud. I told that story to the kid who was born in 1986 and was my tech today. Anyway, I had on my paper smock, open in the front, no bra. The tech, who looked about 14, gave me a gigantic paper towel to cover myself even more. What I needed was a blanket...FREEZING. The tech, said I was the 'coolest' person he'd had all day.


I will have ECHO's until the end of my life. I have done them since 2006. I had a life before my open heart surgery to replace my mitral valve. I do remember it. Before the daily meds, which includes Coumadin, where I have to check if my blood is too thin or too thick. The check is called my INR. My blood range must be between 2.5 and 3.5. I have my own little machine I can check my blood all by my lonesome. Vitamin K affects Coumadin. Who knew? I sure did not prior to 2006. I had a life before all of this. Before I had symptoms of a stroke which affected my speech and I wondered if I would ever be 'normal' again. After all this time, I sometimes have really short term memory issues--yet, I can tell you what happen what I did 45 years ago--well, maybe. :)

I did have a have a life before ECHOs and all this other stuff. Before it all became a major role my continue to have a life. I do smile at the memory of my past life and grateful I am able to smile about the future life I intend to have.

ECHO heard is from me as I shout from the mountain top I know where my strength does come from.

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Anonymous said...

I must get echo's also. It seems like its been 4ever. Sometimes I forget there a life before I got sick. Thanks for your post--nice to know when you're not alone.

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