Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day Off

Yes, I had today off. Had a million things planned: clean the kitchen, get stuff ready for the trash, work on my pots and some homework*****What I wound up doing was sweep the room that has the wood flooring, and picked up some stuff, tried to bond with a not so small kitten anymore, who lives some time in my shed. OK, I feed the wildlife, from possums (not intentionally) to squirrels (intentionally), yet this not so small kitten has shown up about about every day since July.*****I've seen him at another house a half block away. Yet, my shed and my backyard seem to be haven for him. Today I cornered him in a shed corner, on one of the shelves. After a mighty "I'm a tiger" hiss, I pet and talked to him. He let me, yet wasn't really feelin' it. I didn't try to pick him up. I do treasure my face. :)*****So a couple more times of pet and my coo time, he found some space between the wall and the shelf and scampered away. I'm sure into the wisteria bush, where a t-rex could hide quite well. I saw him later as he stalked the birds. The birds won. I left the not so small kitten be. I figure in time we might bond more...*****That was pretty much my day off, well, I did watch some TV, dreamt of ripping up my carpet, and thought how much I don't like the new Facebook...*****On top of that, I am real glad I have Friday off too......wait, isn't The Lion King released tomorrow? And, uh...the not so small kitten and I will have another go round, I'm sure! Stay tuned.

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Old Kitty said...

Awwwww I just know that sweet kitty will bond with you asap - once kitty gets more comfy with you!! So glad you are there to keep an eye out for him!! He's gorgeous!!

Enjoy your day off! Take care