Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow More

Got about five inches of snow in my part of Dallas today. This photo is part of my backyard. I stepped outside my back yard, with my purple flannel jammies on this morning and snapped. A cat thought he wanted to go outside. The thought didn't last long.

Snow. Dallas. It does happen. Just not much. Sure we had that 12 inch snow fall in Feb '11. It was gone in about 3 days. This week of ice and snow has been different. There has been no meltdown. We've been in the teens and 20's since Tuesday. Dallas is not this cold this long. And to top it all off..

The Super Bowl is here. This weather is not suppose to happen. Not for something this big. Last weekend it was 75 degrees all weekend. I got Starbucks frappucinos because it was so warm. Not this go round. Today more sour milk was poured more on the Super Bowl. Six people were injured when melting ice chunks fell from Cowboy Stadium's roof and tore thru a tent being set up for the game. They were workers on the tent. All went to the hospital, one is may be critical.

Tonight a concert starring Prince was on, then off, then on--and off for good. Folks had shown up at the venue not knowing. They paid at least $1500 a ticket for this charity event. The real story from the event planner couldn't fund the event to Prince was a no-show hasn't been said yet.

OK, for as far as my day. My workplace closed the office today due to the weather. I was shocked. With the ice we had earlier this week and the skeleton crew that did show up--the building did not close. This morning, I called our bad weather hot line on a lark. Heck, I was ready to get out of bed. "CLOSED".

Let's just the say my day looked so much better under my quilts and the cats snugged so my circulation was cut off.

Snow. More scheduled for Sunday.

I'm just sure Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboy who paraded and fought for the Super Bowl to come here, wished he could get a do-over...

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Old Kitty said...

This weather is just incredible!!! Hurricanes and floods in Australia, snow across the US!!

Best to stay in and take care and keep warm!!!

Bad timing for the Superbowl though!! Take care

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