Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Eve Eve

Can you believe it?
2010 is about to close up on us. Seems kinda like yesterday it New Year's Day 2010, then we have a 12 inches of snow in February, I start school, a new job, gain weight, lose weight, gain weight, attend, my all decade High School reunion in Iowa, think about giving up this house, celebrate my 4th year anniversary of that pesky open-heart surgery I had, committed to a new church home, started new friendships, strengthened some, kinda tapered off on others, pet cats, fed cats, cleaned litter boxes, said good-bye to the sweetest kitty-Perry (who remains on this blog's banner), started a novel (again), saw a chum get married who I watched go from a brat to an intelligent, successful woman, basked in the thought of making a peach pie with peaches from my own peach tree, only to have my outside 'pets' take a bite out of just about every one, tried Vietnamese food because a classmate asked me to, still ponder what color to paint these walls--I have enough color strips on them as is...and get the picture.
On this next to the last day of 2010 looms, I'll reminisce of what happened and what didn't. I'll Thank God tonight becausse he let me see this day, and I'll thank Him tomorrow if He sees fit to wake me up. Then I'll wipe the sleep from my eyes as the final day of the year beckons and may have the look of this kitty...

"2010, it's been good. It has. I'll miss you. I got my impatience showin'
See, me and 2011 are eager to get our year long party on!"
And yes, the kitty DID say that...!

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Old Kitty said...

May you and adorable Noir have one long year of party and amazing times ahead!!! Have a brilliant New Year's Eve and Day, Tommy!!! I hope this year your peach tree blossoms and fruits once more!!

Did you like Vietnamese food? My sister and I used to go to this amazing and extremely cheap Vietnamse restaurant - it was like a cafe really - it wasn't fancy and felt like someone's house - and you brought your own wine - but the food!!! Oh wow. Absolutely the yummiest!! See now I'm feeling hungry! LOL!!

Take care

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