Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Somewhere Down The Road

Me and Barry Manilow. Yep. Still carrying on a thing with his older stuff and poofy hair. Barry doesn't know it tho. Just having a time remembering how much Barry's music stayed with me.

Especially the people I associate with the music. Honestly, I rarely listen to lyrics. Friends have called me me on the carpet because I don't. I lack heart I've been told. Naw. I'm the most hopeless romantic sap you'll ever know. I'd give you a card just because it's Tuesday.

I digress.

A song has just gotta hit me just right to get all into it. And yes, Barry Manilow is one of those singers with words got to me. Just like this song "Somewhere Down The Road." And back in the day, whenever this song came on contacts floated out of my eyes because the river of tears. Yes, they did. A lot.

This song was during my second stint in Kansas City. Attended a travel school which flew away with my money. That's whole another post. Anyway, I'd make almost weekly jaunts back to Des Moines, about 200 miles away. Not so much to see the family, even tho I got descent meals, but to see chums.

This was mid 80's, and well....I had places to go, people to see--one in particular. I liked him. He liked me. In fact we're friendly to this day. Chums on Facebook even. Never joined at the hip, yet joined in occasional lip locks. This was the 80's. Even now, I just smiled about him.

The first line of this song just sums it all up: We had the right love and the wrong time.

So sweet and nice while it lasted.

Barry Manilow--what kind of pie do you like? I owe YOU!

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