Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Woo Hoo!

NO school work to do tonight! Got it ALL done at work today--!
Even some of my job too :)

Did I tell you I eyed a treadmill at Wal-mart the other day? GREAT price. Was in a box tho. So WHO puts it together? Until that mystery is solved, the treadmill stays in the box, in the store.

Hot again. 103 degrees F, with a heat index of 107--or was that 109--or really who cares? I put a pie pan of water for the birds in the back yard. It's cute to see them just stand in it. My backyard animals eat so much better than me--they need to get a job.

Last few days, as I've talked to folks, I've noticed they take quick look at my chest. I'm thinking, gee, are the bon-bons that over flowing? Then I remember, I've worn a shirt where some of my scar shows. Ya know, from that little open heart surgery adventure had back in '06. My scar got all thick and I've learned to deal with it. I know my scar makes some uneasy, yet I'm glad I've finally got to the point to let it hang all out. It does clash with stuff I wear sometimes, which is what ticks me--so I dust my scar with a little powder and off I go.

I recall a conversation about scars, with a non-physically scar'd chum. She made mention how some might wear their scar as a medal of honor instead of covering it. She had a vote for the covering it up. I responded how it IS my medal of honor, cuz if I didn't have it, I'd be dead about now.

And I ain't feelin' that.

So that note, I'm gonna end it for the day. Got me some FUN FICTION writing to do and Blue Bell Cookies n Cream Ice Cream to help shield from the heat!

It's ALL good--WOO HOO!


texastanya said...

Check into craigslist before you buy a treadmill. You can get some really great deals and the machine is already put together.
Chances are it would be cheaper to buy used and borrow or even rent a truck. And, you wouldn't have to try to assemble it. :)

Laoch of Chicago said...

"Ask not for whom the bell tolls it tolls for thee," woman who will have to assemble the treadmill.

Don's Girl said...

So maybe on Craigslist I could get a spiffier treadmill than the one at Walmart....I've never bought anything on Craigslist..

Old Kitty said...

And so your scar is a badge of honour and you should never hide it away!! A little powder is lovely because it's just what beautiful gals do!


You're a star for thinking about the birdies in this heat!! :-)

And woo-hoo and high five and all that for getting everything done today!

Take care

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