Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tick Tock Time

Tonight I met up with a chum for coffee and girl gab at Starbucks. The cool thing was, her daughter is manager of this said Starbucks so we got free stuff. Free is good.

Had one of my "Want to write a book in a night" itching. Even tho, I know I have to do alot in my new class, it doesn't seem as crammed as the last couple. So I'm going all back to time management, so I can do a "write some of a book in an hour."

On the whole time management thing, I remember when I recuperated from my little adventure of open heart surgery--I had to regain more strength than I realized. So I had my schedule of I'd get up, try to put on some clothes, then take a 10 minute walk which could have been more like 10 hours. I'd have to stop-and wondered if I'd ever be able to talk farther (well I did). I'd go back to my apartment and do what I could, then after I watched my shows, eat and such, I laid down from 2-3:30. Then eventually I gained enough strength to READ. So I'd read a book for an hour.

What I'm getting at: everything had its own time to shine. It worked for me. And I"m trying to get back to this. I can't add time to the clock, yet I can use the time I have.

Like my chum and I talked about business ideas and she said she 'just didn't have the time." I told her we sat in Starbucks for TWO hours! We both laughed.

Yet, two hours do the best with.

Make the most with it, because ya ain't gonna get it back...time.

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Old Kitty said...

Oh Tommy!! How true!! It's what you do with time is what's important! I tend to waste it alot and then wonder where the day's gone!! :-)

I'm so glad you had a fabulous time (well worth spent!!) with your gal pal at Starbucks!

Have a great Thursday!
Take care

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