Saturday, July 24, 2010

Still July. Still Donny Osmond.

Still Dallas, Texas. TX. HOT. Got Blue Bell Peaches and Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream in the freezer and watermelon in the fridge. All is good and so on with the story....

Took a trip through time (aka my diary and my blog) because of Donny Osmond. My very first airplane trip took me from Des Moines Iowa to Las Vegas! You see, back in yester-century, namely the 70's, my own experience of Osmondmania was well in hand.
In fact, on this night, July 24, in 1974 I sat smack dab in THE BEST SEATS IN THE HOUSE in the Tropicana Showroom, to see Donny, his brothers and sister Marie. My sweet Big Daddy Don tipped the 'd 40 bucks for our seats . I sat at the end of these steps that came down from the stage. I really didn't get it--at the time.

Looking back, I bet some of the other teenage girls in that showroom hated me for where I sat. I had no clue it was THE BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE. My dad probably just wondered what in the world he was doing there. The scotch and milk probably erased any of his thoughts.

Being in shock I was seeing the Osmonds so up close and personal, imagine when the moment came I realized I had THE BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE. Girls crowded around the bottom of the steps as Donny broke out in song--I honestly can't remember, maybe "Puppy Love"? Donny came to the steps, maybe even took a couple steps down. Girls went nuts. I went speechless.

Donny was right THERE! He sang. Girls screamed. He reached and squeezed hands. I finally gained consciousness and raised mine. Donny TOUCHED my hand! We looked into each others eyes. Donny's smile blinded me. For a moment we had--well, a moment.

I asked my dad what he thought of the whole Vegas thing. My dad as only my sweet Big Daddy Don could say: "I thought you were crazy."
And the picture below isn't from 1974, because that picture of Donny and me is so blurry. Way before digital-so this is photo is from 1978. Still Las Vegas Just eight days after Donny married the girl on the left, his wife of 32 years, Debbie .
Even now on this so hot July summer day 2010 in Dallas. I still gotta smile because I was sat in THE BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE!


Old Kitty said...

You touched Donny Osmond's hand?!?!?!?! OH MY GOODNESS! I would have fainted. Wow!

How brilliant is that!! Your poor dad - aww but what fabulous dad!

And what a lovely memory!! Treasure this forever and ever because it's priceless.

As is that completely mind blowing pic of you next to Donny and the soon to be missus! Good grief!

You lucky, lucky, lucky woman! But ya know? It couldn't happen to a nicer person! :-)

Take care

Don's Girl said...

HAHA! Too funny! Actually Donny and Debbie had been married a week, when the photo was snapped. We were in the Las Vegas Hilton golf course! Yes, Donny squeezed my hand, while another he came off the stage and hugged me, and another time introduced me as "Crazy" and another time...I loved me some Osmondmania...

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