Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Love!

It's Friday. Not a whole lot to be said, except I was kinda having a Rick Springfield moment. The guy celebrates a birthday in August. How can somebody make being in their 60's still so darn sizzlin?

Yea, Rick Springfield moment. I'm going to back to the 80's for this little ditty. Was from Rick's not so Oscar caliber movie: "Hard to Hold"--which I remember I won free passes from a radio station.

Movie awful. Rick HOT.

Just gotta Love Somebody. It's Friday. Just do!


Old Kitty said...

LOL!!! "Movie awful. Rick HOT"!
I think you've said it all really! LOL!!

Ahh memories! LOL! Sorry, the music video is also terrible! Song's good tho!

take care

Don's Girl said...

HA! Yea, I guess the video is pretty bad--yet Rick is SO good!

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