Sunday, July 4, 2010

2:37 AM

Yes that is the time at this moment. Reunion stuff Saturday night and I had a ball! Had a great time Friday night, yet I was so weary from my gazillion mile drive from Dallas--which will be in another post--not just now.

Tonight. The conversations I carried on were more in-depth than, "How are you and where are you now?" like before. Conversations about life, laughs and fun arguments about music. Made some memories tonight. I smile now. OK--yea, I gained weight and was a bit antsy about. I admit it. However, I was stunned and humbled from words by my classmates--some I didn't even know as well as others. Amazed,

The question of "have you written another book?" waltzed thru the air so much, I had to sit a dance or two out. My answer of "no" wasn't what my classmates wanted to hear. I was shocked by the repetitiveness of the question. Was I being told something?

Two pictures snapped I will forever cherish. In fact, I have a picture with each guy from the few past reunions. Kind of like my scrapbook as I told them. As we stood, for our photo opt, I realized how much our lives have forever changed: me with my little open heart surgery adventure, while one guy is in remission for lung cancer and the other for leukemia. Yes, life as changed since strolling down that high school hallway...

Tonight was special. I'm glad I drove the gazillion miles to get her. Memories were made. I smile at that. And will give me pause to ponder as I drive back to Dallas.

Now I must hit the hay--There will be a reunion float in the 4th of July parade at noon. I intend to be ON ...

Glory be to God is all I can say ...

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Old Kitty said...

Oh wow. What an amazing and very poignant and memorable reunion! I'm glad your drove all those miles to get there! What great memories to treasure!!

Yes - you must WRITE THAT NOVEL!!!


Take care and safe journey home!

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