Sunday, June 27, 2010


Man on man, where did the time go? It's Sunday and of course I have some paper to write for school. Let's see, it is: "Hypothectical Working Agreement"...sure.

Let's talk about something FUN! Got my praise on at MY church, Inspiring Body of Christ Church, with Pastor Rickie Rush today. The tricks Satan uses on us to rob our faith. Powerful stuff. All these messages have hit me right where I live. The blessings are there. Satan knows that. He's tried ways upon ways to steal my thunder. At times I've let him. ...Yet all is good. Just keep my eye on the prize. And I look unto the hills where my help comes from.

Now get this, yesterday I chatted with a minister I'd befriended a few years ago. The Minister attended the writers' conference I volunteered with yesterday. Also, back when I was in ICU with my little open heart adventure, she came to visit me. Yesterday, was the first time we'd seen each other in all these months since I'd left my/her original home church. The thing was she called me "Shade Tree Preacher." Huh? Long story short, Minister said she's always seen a light in me and said people come to me because of what I say and do. I just looked at her. Me? She went on to say Shade Tree is a person who does the work, but doesn't have the sign out front sayin' so. I still just looked at her. Minister said alot of stuff I still must ponder. Oh how my life has so changed. Maybe I'll share more one of these posts...

Can't believe it's SUNDAY. Did I tell y'all I did see "Toy Story" last week? LOVED it and got quite weepy at the end.

Oh, the writers' conference yesterday was GREAT! Met some nice folks. Badgered by one of them with WHERE was my next book? OK, she was an author who spoke and happens to be a chum of mine. Learned lots and enjoyed being around other writer people. Once I got home tho, I enjoyed being on my bed, under the ceiling the fan, with a cat to pet and remote in hand...
On that note--I'm outta here. Still some Sunday left to enjoy with a little Blue Bell Banana Pudding Ice Cream on the side....!

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Old Kitty said...

I love your new pic!!! How lovely!!

Shade Tree Preacher. Wow. that's a great title there for a story - it really is!!!

I'm so excited about the writer's conference - I hope to read about it soon!

Good luck with your assignment!
I hope you had a great Sunday - and just remember: There's always time for ice cream!

Take care

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