Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sum Up Sunday

Another view of part of my back yard. The wind does waltz with the leaves. And I like it.
It's Sunday. I went to IBOC--my HOME church as of last week. I still can't get over it I joined. Especially since the church I called Home for 5 1/2 years, before I ventured to IBOC, I never officially joined, even tho I was involved in things--like the co-head of the Singles Ministry and even taught my first adult Sunday School class--didn't know what I was talking about--but I did it. However, I never officially joined.
And now I have: Inspiring Body of Christ Church. I sat by an empty seat that had someone's purse and such there. In a few moments the woman came back--it was the SAME woman, who nudged me last week about joining. Things don't just happen. They happen for a reason. We had a good chat.
The main thing, Pastor Rickie Rush said when folks ask what we we did this weekend we oughta tell em we praised Jesus. Not what is usually heard. I chuckle cause folks who have known me since MTV were just letters in the alphabet, really don't get my Praise. I've learned to expect that. And it's OK--these folks continue to be blessings in my life.
In the meantime, the sun has gone down on this Sunday. Finished a college paper--I doNOT like writing non-fiction. Got a cat to pet, ice cream to eat and pages of Screenwriting for Dummies to fumble through.
I am blessed.

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Old Kitty said...


Glad you had a blessed and wonderful Sunday!

The trees in your garden are lovely.

Enjoy your ice cream, your cats and good luck with the non-fiction writing! Oh dear.

Screenwriting for Dummies?? Not for you!! Jamais!


Take care

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