Saturday, May 22, 2010

10:32 PM

As I script this. Yes, I'm tired. Last night I was up until after Midnight to work on a 1500 word paper on about vulnerable populations and their history, impact and ...well...yea.

I got a good start on it, 1100 words out of the needed 1500. However, it was still after midnight, more like after 1am, when I called it a night. Which may not have been a problem to sleep in on a any other Saturday, except for one of the rare times in recent years I planned to do OT -at 7AM. Taking Coumadin slows me just a bit more, if I don't get enough rest. I feel the fatigue more--so...

Well...yea. I made it to work 7:35 AM with a French Vanilla Cappuccino in hand. My new boss, is just a few years younger, handsome and loves to flirt with me--alas, he's married. So my French Vanilla Cappuccino kept me captive.

Left there about 11:20AM because I had my writers' group at noon--which was planned a month ago, and 25 miles from where I was. My turned to bring the treats, which I'd planned to bake, alas I bought a chocolate cake instead. I was tired, yet a blessing to be there. Our oldest member is 79 years young and being treated for Stage 4 Breast cancer--which has been zapped from her body. This woman is such an inspiration.

Anyway--long story short---after all that, errands, plus a an hour or so to lie down and pet a cat. I got back on my 1500 word paper on vulnerable populations. Technically, it's due by 2AM my time. It's submitted, plus I did my comments on other classmates' threads. I do think my paper sucks, yet I had 4 resources and did it in the require APA format.

So, now it's 10:45. I'm even more tired and hungry. That turkey sameech I had a million hours ago has long gone. Can't have cereal because the milk is past the expiration date. I just leave it in the fridge to make it seem I have something in there.... :)

OK--this is the kitty who kept me company during my torture at the PC. Now he'll curl up to me and purr.

Well...yea, I'm quite vulnerable to that...


Old Kitty said...

Oh my goodness!! Well done you!! Your course sounds so intense and what deadlines - 1 am! Blimey!

Glad kitty kept you company!

I'm all for cappuccino at work - it's essential!

Take care

Don's Girl said...

The deadline is actually midnight in Arizona, and that's where my school is based out of--so I had until 2am my time to get it in...I have to do better at these papers--because, I wanted to keep an A average--these papers so far, have been my downfall.

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