Sunday, April 25, 2010

Still Sunday

As the sun still shines I tried to trim the bushes outside my front door. I guess I didn't realize they would grow--or how full and tall--like to my chest-they would get. Just thought they would stay pretty like they did when we had 12 inches of snow in February.

Wrong. Let's just say I used some clippers from the Dollar General and clipped away. I don't think I killed it. I mean I trimmed my wisteria a few weeks back--not really knowing what I was doing--and it still has leaves. Anyhoo, my bushes still need work--but they are not as bushy...

It being Sunday, you know I headed to Inspiring of Body of Christ Church, with Pastor Rickie Rush, this morning. At one point, the sanctuary's nights were shut off to help explain the message: about your vision of the plan God has for us. Trust me--it worked. The main thing, on this day was, I joined the church--when the lights were off, and they did come back on! :)
I'm still dazed and a bit confused I joined, along with 251 others. We have New Member Orientation on May 15. I didn't plan to join- Heck no. I was content to be a "BootLeg Member"--basically you keep on comin' to church, but don't join. That's me. I'm OK with that--I guess until today.

Part of the message hit me hard: when you are anointed, expect to go walk on by yourself. Folks you care most about, are the ones who most don't get your vision. I've run into that of late. You don't care for them less, you just know they can't come with you--at least for now. Be prepared to be alone--and I am.

Outside of all this, a GRAND day, even if my bushes don't think so! This cat rests on my desk's edge:

Plus I have an "A" in my current college class, Blue Bell Ice Cream in the freezer, a NY Best Selling author asks me questions about MY writing, and I have my Vision...
I am blessed.

1 comment:

Old Kitty said...


Oh well done with your A grade!!! Yay!!!!!

And as for trimming bushes - I'm like you - I snip away and hope for the best!

Oh Thomasina - you have your beautiful cats with you, your faith, God with you, always!

Take care

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