Monday, April 5, 2010


Ahh. It's Monday. As I write this, the oatmeal is cookin'. Yea, I fix oatmeal the old fashioned way--on the stove--and then I'm off to work I go. Did I mention it's 70 degrees out right now--before the sun is even up? Windy and muggy. Uck.
And the kitty's name is Edie. She kept me or better yet--my 7-11 coffee company! :)
On my blog, I receive visits from from folks everywhere. Makes me giddy. I admit, I'd like more comments left--just to wonder what folks think of my words. Hated. Liked. Laughed. Or Whatever. Saw visits from Beverly Hills, CA--and I wonder if they're from 90210 :)
Anyway, on with the day I go. Stuff to get done after work--so I can get ready for Dancing With the Stars (Kate has GOT to go home this week)! Then there's to watch Butler bring down Duke in the NCAA Men's Tourney.
Stay tuned.


Old Kitty said...


It's me again!! LOL!!!

I'm always intrigued that I'm down as "Harlow, Essex" when I'm no-where near Essex (ok, it's the next county along but I'm in Hertfordshire, dah-ling)!!

Well I LOVE your blog so there!

And Eddie is Mommy isn't she?? I like that you get your coffee in a big cup. I always go for massimo cappuccino!

I used to make porridge the old fashioned way (with a spurtle!) but now it's cereal whenever I've got time! I tend to rush to work every morning!!!

Have a great Monday!

Take care
p.s. my word verification is: Catty

Don's Girl said...

Yep, Edie is the Mommy. She's a sweetheart and always comes to great me at the door1

On the stats, it places one of my chums about 25 miles from the city listed. Oh well, I still think it's cool.

I like the photo of her eyeing the cup. I was about done with it and she decided to lick the top of it...uh,no kitty!

Disneypal said...

I'm not sure how I stubbled upon your blog but I imagine it had something to do with Donny Osmond since it appears you share just as much love for him as I do!

I see we both have the same favority movie "To Sir, With Love".

I love the name of your blog too - a few months ago I re-rented "The nine lives of Thomasina" - none of my friends said they even remembered that movie, but I had a desire to see it after many years so it is even funnier to me that I stumbled upon your blog.

From one Osmond fan to another, I'm so glad I came across your blog.

Don's Girl said...

I'm so glad you came across my blog too! And because of the old movie "Thomasina" I got my name. Plus, I do like meeting another Osmonda fan--alot of memories wrapped up in that part of my life! Thank you again for stopping by!

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