Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Check In

Haven't written on here since Sunday. Able to take a break from the blog (and my cat took a break from his blog too!), plus a breather from school work. Ever since school, seems I live on this computer. Nonetheless, all good, and the break was needed!

Met up with a former co-worker last night at Starbucks. Talked about her loss of job,(they downsized) however she found her passion and writes a book and has dabbled in public speaking. She inspired me--and I realized I'm seeing someone else grow up and do great things. Very nice time. Also she runs and has done marathons--so she told me to kick the Wal-mart tennyshoes to the curb and get some REAL ones....

Also told a NY Bestselling Author about my idea about a middle aged love story--she likes it and encouraged me on.

Realize how you can care for folk, but they may see the worst in something, while you see the "why not?" in the same thing. And it makes you sad, when you know they won't be going up the mountain with you...

Looked over figures to figure how to get product made so I can to be a vendor at a cat show in June. Need a real silent investor. Stay tuned.

Kate Gossellin FINALLY got booted of Dancing With the Stars--GREAT! She cried. Here's a tissue--bye.

Gotta new flavor of ice cream that waits for me: Blue Bell Cake and Ice Cream...vanilla ice cream with chocolate cake bits and chocolate sprinkles....

Just to check in.
All is well.


Old Kitty said...


Welcome back - glad you had good and constructive break.

You have lots going on here!! I like that your idea for your story was encouraged! Please,please, please go with it - it sounds amazing and should be written and read by everyone!


AND it's always an inspiration to discover how people never let themselves get too down, how they pick themselves up, dust themselves down and start all over again!

Oh and I'm all agog about your cat product...!!!

Wow again!

Take care

The Boyfriend Shopper said...

Lol cute blog. Welcome back.

Feel free to check out mine, I think you'd especially like it.


Noir the Texas Tabby said...

Hey---that looks like ME!

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