Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Talk Tuesday

As I chatted with co-worker. SJ, who forever reminds me she's from KEEN-ya and says I need to learn more about my ancestry--and she's right, of course--I'm envious because English is SJ's third language, out of fourth--I digress--the point of this story, is I tease SJ how she throws intimidating looks--well, her eyes got big and goes, "HA! You've been intimidating people at the work place since you BORN! I told her that just wasn't so--heck, I didn't have a job when I was born.... :) Oh, and SJ wants to braid my hair. She wonders how I don't really like braids so much, especially that when she grew up in Kenya, she and her friends weren't allowed to braid or relax their hair. So when they got old enough, they lavished doing things to hair and that includes a love for braids. A love I don't share. SJ has actually shown me African braid styles...but me...intimidating...? HA!

Then in Wal-mart, in the pet section--of course, a young man seemed confused as he looked over the cat food. So what do I do? I strike up a chat--and for about 15 minutes, I educated him about cats and better food--no ground corn in the 1st three ingredients, litter, getting his two 7 month old Maine Coons spay and he was quite the alert student. The chorus of "Thank You's" was great. It was nice to chat about something I know.

And I heart cats, but you already knew that!

Oh, and I started my second college online class today. Oh my. This instructor is really into papers. And yes, I love to write--and I think I'm pretty good at writing..well, as long as it's fiction. I love a good challenge. I just wish a melt in your mouth Morris Chesnutt or cuddly Tom Hanks was my prize.

Stay tuned.


Laoch of Chicago said...

Always a good thing to spread feline wisdom.

Old Kitty said...


I'm all for lavishing stuff on one's hair!! :-) I think you just go with what your hair tells you! :-)

And hoooray for spreading good feline lovin!!! I'm all for that too!

And one day Tom Hanks will be begging to star in the film version of your novel - you wait and see!


Take care

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