Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 24, 2006 was Friday

On this day, in 2006, after 25 days I was finally released from the Hospital.

My souvenir of the said adventure was the scar on my chest. This was due to my little open heart surgery to replace my mitral valve with a mechanical one. And at the time there was a golf ball size bump at the top of my incisions, which eventually went down. I hadn't washed my hair in 3 weeks.

Before Movie Man came to get me, my Infectious Disease stopped in and said, "So this is what you look like in real clothes!" We both chuckled. Then when Movie Man came in, he was surprised how much thinner I was. Me too really. We were both glad I was out of the faded hospital gown. With Movie Man's carrying my stuff, a nurse wheel chaired me out of the walls I'd known for 25 days to Movie Man's truck.

That Friday was dreary and chilly. Yet, in my mind the sun's shine was everywhere! In Movie Man's truck, I sat in mostly silence. Just stared out the window. I realized I could have died 25 days ago.

Yes, the sun''s shine was there. .

Fast forward to this day in 2010. The kitty posted here who snoozes right by the monitor as I type this?
He ran so fast down the steps and meowed so loud, this day in 2006, when I called his name as I stepped inside my cluttered apartment. He jumped on the arm of the couch and head bonked me with meows so loud they rivaled the size of my tears.

I could have died.

I didn't.

Yes, the sun does indeed shine.

I am blessed.


Old Kitty said...

Oh Thomasina

I'm all choked up. This is so, so beautiful, really.

Is that Perry? bless his kitty soul! You know we go through life fighting our own personal battles and we are just grateful to all that is good and decent and kind that we survive.

You have been through a MONUMENTAL battle of epic proportions and have WON and continue to win irrevocably hands down!!!

I feel blessed to have met you over the ether!

Take care

Don's Girl said...

Kitty; don't be choked up. I thank you for your words. I don't think it was so big--then I sit back think...

And yes, that is my Perry One! Since I had that big lump at the top of my incision, I wouldn't let him sleep under my chin like he liked. I was afraid he'd scratch me. Perry likes to be just right by me.

I feel he makes sure I won't leave him like that again!

Thanks for your words.


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