Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Word Up Walk Wednesday

Made it for a walk around the park before night fall. Got a kick watching the ducks do their paddle thing in the pond. Nice word shared with God as I trekked. Needed guidance on the short story I can't seem to pull together--it's really two stories in one, which was not the plan. Heck, I needed guidance---period.

And then Maurice Green was booted from Dancing With the Stars....ya know, he was good, yet he favors a guy from church--who wound up being pretty nasty. I critiqued an article of his not as good as he wanted. Oh well. He called me what a female dog is even tho Maurice was good--he looked TOO much like the idiot from church.

OK--and Young and the Restless....any watchers out there? This whole Paris arch is such a snooze fest, they could have filmed it on a stage back in LA.

And then I heard this song in my Pumpkin as headed to the gas station to pump gas for >drum roll< $1.86. I have the nerve to think that's cheap--anyway---the song. Catchy and so 80's.--gotta love it--Cameo from 1986--....cue 'em and remember this is the day the Lord has made, and rejoice in it...Word UP!

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