Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Yes, I watched Sarah Palin..

I am a Democrat. And I watched some of the Republican Convention.

Tried to watch President Bush's speech, the other night. I couldn't hang in there until the end. I'm sorry if he's your guy. He wasn't/isn't mine. All I remember about him being governor was George W Bush running for president.

I digress.

Back to Sarah. Hey, I gotta give her props. Such calm in front of millions. Confidence, humor. Gotta say I was impressed with her. Loved the line about the hockey Moms, pit bulls and lipstick. Her pledge to be an advocate for special needs folks. Liked that too--since I guess, with microtia--I might considered special needs nowadays. All this came natural for her. Like I said, give the Republican VP nominee her due.

John McCain made a good choice in Sarah Palin. She's gives his campaign a much needed spark. Let's face it--one drop of water could douse whatever spark that did exist. Now, my personal thought--and this is just my personal thought--and this is my blog-Sarah Palin did dig deep and hard at their opponents. At times, I felt she was petty--with the healing the world and water comment. Then about the pillars her opponents had on stage. Hmm. I guess the Republicans aren't booked into the Metrodome? Did bother me when Sarah Palin said "victory' was at hand in Iraq--and her opponent wanted to forfeit.

OK--I didn't get that forfeit part. I think bringing our service men and women home ASAP is important, should not be considered a forfeit. Also didn't Republican President Bush stand on the USS Abraham Lincoln (who had a little something to do with the Emancipation Proclamation) on May 1, 2003 and announce "Mission Accomplished" in Iraq? But now, in 2008, we're close to victory? To me the President signaled something had ended.


All in all very good speech. Will be some kind of fight until November 4, 2008. Oh, and can't you just see Maya Rudolph, or even Tina Fey doing a good Sarah Palin on SNL?

However did Sarah Palin's speech do enough to sway me?


I am a Democrat.

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