Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Well--maybe one more Tuesday Thought...

OK--I had to make a quick mention when I realized Donny and Marie Osmond open their Vegas gig tonight---a Tuesday night at that. My chums who read this blog just chuckled, rolled their eyes and said, 'Yep, I knew it--Donny Osmond--again!"
Yes, there are 'grown up' things on everyone's mind. Our troops, so faraway from home. This history making election--if strategies will back fire. Sure, I wish Tom Hanks would call and say, "I like that story--lets get a movie deal together and make us some magic." I do agree only if Whoopi stars. So, yea, I got all this 'grown up' AARP stuff in my head---but....
Then there's the whole Osmond thing. What can I say? Good memories. Good times. No apologies. This picture was taken in Des Moines, about forever ago. My glasses could be mistaken for blue stop signs. The day this pic was snapped was a good day. Donny and family were pretty much in my own back yard. Meeting him- again, made up for our yuck concert seats that night. But ya know, I bet those concert tickets were probably at best, 10 bucks.
In Las Vegas, on this Tuesday night, I bet there a bit more than $10.
So I do need Tom Hanks to pay me movie rights for a movie that will win us the Oscar. Then I won't care about the cost of concert tickets or the fanciest cat food on the market.
Oh, and did I mention that Donny was not originally my favorite Osmond?
Stay tuned.

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