Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday Thoughts

Things thought about on Tuesday. Like the new short story I finished. Really like it. I hadn’t written something this fast in a very long time. Only 3500 words, yet the fastest 3500 words I’ve ever written. To me the hardest part is to get that initial story down. Gotta be honest, I’m not an outline, write out everything I’m going to write about down before I begin to write the story writer. I admire those that are. For me, I need to have a clear idea. What the story wants to say. I’m a woman who has few characters in her short stories—if I more than two that’s quite the miracle. I make every excuse why I don’t write daily. The main one is time. If I made the habit of getting out bed an hour earlier—that would solve the problem. Nonetheless, I finished my first draft. I like it. Now begins the sparkle part—edit. Stay tuned.

Another Tuesday thought. My daily walk has almost ceased to exist since I moved. I’ve mentioned the work-out room my old complex had. Miss it. I walked at least five days a week, every week because I had that work out room, just so I wouldn’t melt into a pool of chocolate if I strolled outside. I felt better when I walked. I need to get back to it. For me. For my heart.

Election Day, Nov 4 is a Tuesday. Can we light at the end of tunnel?

And get this, I found a 60’s Batman episode on some channel I have. Have you watched this Adam West/Burt Ward classic now? Funny how you see things when you’re an adult and not eight years old. It was the 60’s, however there was a kind of innuendo Batman and Robin had another side to them. The way Robin said the flowers he and Batman held were pretty. I gotta catch another episode.

Jessica Simpson was on ET tonight. Yea, OK—they reported Jessica thinks Cowboy QB Tony Romo could one day be the father of her children. Um. Why is all this junk out right now as the season starts? Man oh man. I will say Tony doesn’t speak about anything but football. Gotta love that.

Final Tuesday thought. Entered photos in my company’s art Contest. People who view all the items, which included paintings, drawings and sculpture, get to vote. Just curious what the folks think of mine. Never had my photography on display before. Stay tuned.

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