Friday, June 21, 2013

Magic Egg Custard Baked

Happy to report the Egg Custard Pie got baked-although an adventures occurred before and during the actual process. Wednesday night, I rounded up all my ingredients, check to make sure I had a glass pie pan (the majority of the recipes called for glass) and got ready to be Betty Bake Off Thursday night.

Come Thursday night, I was hot and tired and wanted to whip this pie up. I opened my cabinet to get my pie plate. Imagine my surprise this was NOT a pie plate, just a round dinner plate. In my "for-sure-ness" Wednesday, I just saw a plate, on the shelf, 'knew' it was THE pie plate and didn't bother to pick it up.

Ya know what folks say about 'assume'--well, my forehead could barely fit all of it. What to do? Where could I go, have the least amount of hassle of parking, crowds, long lines for just one item?  The Goodwill. Yep. Just 5 minutes--if that--up the street. Picked up a 9 inch Pyrex pie pan for a buck 99. Happy baker was I!

OK, my recipe called for butter: 2/3 cup of butter, melted. How many tablespoons is that?  So I head to the iPad. Learned 2/3 cup of butter is  almost 11 tablespoons.  Melt the butter and about to pour it in my filling.  Something said, "Look at that recipe again. "

Good thing, because the recipe didn't call for 2/3 cup, oh no--it was 2/3 STICK which is just 6 tablespoons! A 5 tablespoon difference! What did I do with the butter just melted? Put it in a jar inside the fridge for topping popped corn. After all that, the baking went off without a hitch. My oven seems to burn a bit more on one side, so I covered the pie with tin foil.

My co-worker, Big Valley, said he'd dig into the pie tonight, with big ol' glass of milk. I think when it's our work, we see flaws. Honestly, that is why I didn't snap a photo for you all to see. With the way Big Valley beamed as he checked out t the Egg Custard Pie--maybe the flaws won't be as noticeable.

Big Valley's verdict is what I wait for.  Always enjoyed making pies. I wonder if  Egg Custard will be added to my repertoire.  Stay tuned.

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